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Photo by Jake Godin
Documentary editor by day.

Eldritch illustrator by night.

Lehen was created in January 2015 by Jennifer Smart while she was studying film and animation at USC School of Cinematic Arts. It is currently a home for Jennifer's various artistic projects, most notably her published fantasy/horror art books and prints. Jennifer is now a 2D animator and documentary editor who has been working in the news documentary industry for more than eight years. She has spent two years as an editor at National Geographic Digital, and currently works at Scripps News editing and creating animations for long-form digital documentaries.


She was born and raised in San Diego by a model-rocketry-loving Star Wars fan and an animal rights activist, resides in Washington, D.C., and spends nights dreaming of movies and the Milky Way. Her main goal is to interweave animation and non-fiction film in order to engage mainstream audiences with advanced scientific concepts and social justice causes. She spends her free time dabbling in horror and fantasy artwork and illustrating for her various Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

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